Private Medical Insurance

Looking for medical treatment that’s independent of the NHS? Private Medical Insurance may be the ideal choice for you. By selecting this cover, applicants enjoy a variety of benefits. From reduced waiting times and quicker scans, to the hospital and (potentially) surgeon of their choice, the applicant has a greater breadth of choice in their level of care. Even selecting a private room and access to specialist treatment or drugs otherwise too expensive for the NHS becomes possible with certain policies.

It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that Private Medical Insurance does not provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions, cosmetic surgery, chronic illnesses, organ transplants, or injuries sustained from extreme sports. Nonetheless, specifications do vary from one policy to the next. Therefore, with expert guidance it may still be possible to find cover for mental illnesses or certain sporting injuries. If you have insufficient income or savings to pay for private medical appointments, then our financial advisors can find a Private Medical Insurance solution to suit your needs. Just call us on 01782 617600 to discuss your requirements with our team.