Key Man Insurance

Businesses regularly hinge on an owner or primary employee to keep things running smoothly. In the unfortunate event of this person’s death, however, unprepared businesses can suffer. Designed to intervene, Key Man Insurance helps companies recover from the loss. Recognising that the time between the person’s death and finding a replacement figure is critical, the policy aims to avoid financial difficulty in the interim. What’s more, this payout has a two-fold effect, also helping to secure employee jobs in spite of the situation.

From small to large, the amount of Key Man Insurance you take out depends on numerous factors:  from the size of your business and the individuals you deem critical to it, to your specific budget for this insurance, these circumstances simply can’t be overlooked. Thanks to our free, no obligation consultation, they needn’t be. Our financial advisors thoroughly assess each of your requirements and capabilities, creating a personalised insurance option for your business. To benefit from our specialist services, simply contact us on 01782 617600 or email