Critical Illness Cover

We might not have a crystal ball, but we’ve got the next best thing. Whilst becoming seriously ill or suffering from a severe injury is entirely unpredictable, your Critical Illness Cover needn’t be.

If your illnesses or injuries align with those mentioned in a specific policy, whether they’re heart attacks, certain types and stages of cancer, strokes or multiple sclerosis, then you’ll be eligible to receive a single lump sum. Upon payment, the policy term ends. With specifications varying from one policy to the next, it couldn’t be more important to understand exactly what the cover provides.

The monthly premium is dependent upon various factors: your age, family medical history, lifestyle, and the risks undertaken in your job all come into play. Critical Illness Cover is not available for pre-existent health problems you were aware of and will not pay out in the event of your death. Nevertheless, if you develop a less serious condition or have a child who has one of the specific conditions, then with some policies you may still be eligible for smaller payments. With our expert financial guidance, it’s possible to examine the market and find your ideal Critical Illness Cover. Send an email to or contact us on 01782 617600 for details on your eligibility.