Unsecured Business Loans

A savvy shortcut for swift borrowing from major banks and other lenders, taking out an Unsecured Business Loan is an ideal solution for individuals with good credit scores. The agreement depends on the borrower providing regular payments to the lender. If your mortgage repayment record is positive, then the interest rate is likely to be lower. Nevertheless, if you’re not a homeowner, don’t despair: provided you have a fair credit rating, you’re not excluded from applying.

Additionally, certain Unsecured Business Loans provide the borrower with greater flexibility allowing them to decide the repayment period. Borrowing anything from £1000 to £25,000 (depending on the policy), the general repayment scale is 1-5 years. It’s worth noting, however, that these loans are not recommended on a short-term basis, with the interest rates likely to be considerably larger. Let our financial advisors put their market knowledge into action and identify the best-suited solution to your business situation. To benefit from our services please call our team directly on 01782 617600.