Development Finance

Whether redeveloping, converting or even entirely constructing a property, Development Finance comes to the aid of many landlords. Requiring a thorough risk assessment of the project itself, there are multiple factors affecting the instalment loans. To some extent, it’s a case of being loud and proud: the more identifiable experience or skill held by the borrower, the more likely the loan will be granted. For instance, if the applicant has demonstrable history in property development then a loan with better interest rates is more attainable.

Properly establish preliminary details, and finding your ideal lender will follow. For instance, without guaranteeing that planning permission is in place, your credibility (and therefore your application) is easily questioned by the lender. Using their extensive knowledge of the market, our financial advisors collaborate with you to produce a personalised solution for your development needs. Simply contact us on 01782 617600 for further details.